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QCAIR works with immigrants and refugees in three main areas.

  1. We provide direct services through our core programs, such as our Immigrant & Refugee Navigator Program, Citizenship Education Workshops, and the Emergency Fund.

  2. We educate the Quad Cities Area on what immigrants and refugees add to our community through cultural events such as our Annual Citizenship Honor Dinner.

  3. We refer immigrants and refugees to partners who already provide the services to meet immediate and long term needs.



  • Immigrant & Refugee Navigator Program

  • Citizenship Education Workshops / New American Initiative;

  • Positive Interaction with Police (PIP);

  • Community Gardening Plots;

  • Business Support; and

  • Emergency fund.

When we create services, we seek partner with other agencies in the Quad Cities whenever possible.

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  • Annual Citizenship Honor Dinner;

  • QuadCities World Cultures Festival (with St. Ambrose University and World Affairs Council of the QC); and

  • Smaller events, such as a fashion show.



QCAIR keeps an emergency fund to help immigrant and refugee families on a one-off basis by providing a loan, which can be forgiven at the discretion of the board.

The guidelines are the request should be from an immigrant/refugee who:

  • Arrived in the US in the last 5 years;

  • Was referred by another agency or can demonstrate they have approached other service providers; and

  • Is asking for less than $500 and has a written plan to resolve the underlying issue which caused the emergency.